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Sportograf had seven photographers who took photos on May 21st 2016. The pics are now uploaded, and they are great. And even many: 30 000! In order to find photos of yourself, you´ll have to type your Bib-number/start number. 

What they call Foto-Flat means all personal pictures of one person + general impressions. In average there are 20-30 personal photos + 11 general. Go here for the photos!

Check out photos and video on our Facebook page ;)

Working for the press and need photos? Here are hi res from Ecotrail Oslo 2016
(Credits: Sportograf.com): 

Jasmin Nunige, winner of 80 km 2016

Winner 80 km women, Jasmin Nunige

Winner 80 km men, Jarle Risa

Winner 80 km men, Jarle Risa. 

More press photos coming soon.